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How can I discover my vocation?

Discovering our vocation begins with listening – to God, and to our own hearts. Prayer is very important; meditation on Scripture, spending time in Adoration, or regular attending Mass can all be helpful ways of hearing God’s voice more closely. The guidance and support of others is also valuable. Regular meetings with a spiritual director can help us to recognise and understand our own particular call. Sometimes the comment of another person, who recognises the possibility that God may be calling us to a particular vocation, may be an invitation for us.


Vocations directors of particular congregations serve in the ministry of accompaniment and guidance, and can also give information and support. As Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, we commit ourselves to companioning women who sincerely seek to recognise God’s movement in their lives, and to guiding them according to ethical standards and personal respect

Where can I learn more?

To get support in discerning your vocation, to learn more about our life, or simply to come and spend some time with us.

We invite you to contact our

Vocations Director

Sr Christine Ramada, CSFN.

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