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Provincial Chapter Meets

Provincial Chapter Meets

The Inclusive Provincial Chapter was held during the weekend of 8th and 9th March, 2014. On Saturday the delegates met in the Meeting room at Queen of Poland Convent Marayong to count the votes for the delegate to the General Chapter that will be held in Rome in 2015.  After the votes were tallied, several candidates for delegate emerged, but no one had a clear majority.  

Father Peter Jones OSA joined the sisters at mid- morning.   Father Jones is currently the Director of the Augustinian Novitiate at Brookvale but over the years he ministered  in parishes, teaching, and spirituality and formation.  Father Jones delivered a conference explaining different forms of obedience that we experience in life today.  After that he celebrated with the sisters the Mass for Saturday after Ash Wednesday.

The sisters had time to enjoy each other’s company at lunch, and to visit the new convent that was almost complete in Plumpton NSW.  They had until the next day to decide and pray about their choice of candidate.   

Sunday's  venue for the next segment of the first session of the Provincial Chapter was held at Holy Spirit Convent in Castle Hill.  This convent was built as the “Provincial Home” for Holy Spirit Province where council meetings were held and hospitality was offered through the provincial celebrations that occurred over the years.  However, previous provincial teams had been mooted for quite some time to sell the property and move to a new location. 

After the second vote, which elected Sister Alicja Drabik (pictured below) the delegate to the General Chapter.  

The sisters held a farewell ceremony to “say goodbye” to the house:  Holy Spirit Convent in Castle Hill. Sister Josita Paczkowska intrigued all of us when she arrived at the convent wheeling a suitcase.   She told us during the prayer service that the suitcase was brought to “pack” the fond memories that we, as a province, wanted to take with us.  Sisters took turns recalling the precious experiences they had in connection with the venue.  Some told funny incidents, others more serious ones, but all remembered fondly the hospitality the sisters, who lived in the convent, showed to all visitors.  When the suitcase was “packed” Sister Josita asked Sister Grażyna Rocławska to close the suitcase.  Then Sister Grażyna presented our luggage to Sister Lucyna Frączek, Sister- In- Charge of the Holy Spirit Convent Community.  Lunch was served and then gradually sisters departed to different destinations. 

Later that day, after the meeting, sisters stopped at the new Holy Spirit Convent in Plumpton to “unpack” the suitcase and to pray for God’s blessings for all of the sisters that will live there in the future.

Holy Spirit Convent Moves to Plumpton NSW

It was a long time in the planning.  The Provincial Council with the help of Mr Brett Anderson, Architect for Taylor and De Angelis, and the Builders of FAL construction have worked on making the plans a reality for over eighteen months.  Finally on the 26th March, the keys to new house in Plumpton, NSW were handed over to Sister Grażyna Rocławska, Provincial Superior of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. 

Within a few short hours furniture was moved in and the three sisters of the new community were ready to spend the night. 

Living Lent Daily - Rereat Day for women

The Sisters offer retreat opportunities for single, Catholic women aged 18-35, seeking to deepen their Spiritual life. Join us for a Retreat day of Lent reflections and prayers.
All followed by social gathering. Lunch/ Dinner will be provided.

Location: Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, 116 Quakers Rd, Marayong NSW
Cost: Free, but registration is essential. RSVP by 11th March
Contact: Sr.Margaret,
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone:(02) 9626 9200 or
Mobile: 0420 754 727

Australia Day

Australia Day holds special significance for me, but this year was made even more special as my family and I were invited to lunch with the Sisters from Marayong, Quakers Hill, Castle Hill and Maitland.

We arrived at the convent at Marayong to find Sister Grace skilfully manning the barbecue (she was a natural!), and were soon treated to an incredible feast lovingly prepared by the Sisters. The lunch was full of fun and laughter, and we even had a door prize with Australian-themed prizes! My parents and sisters had not met all of the Sisters before, and one of my sisters had never been to the convent, so it was a great opportunity for them and one that they really enjoyed.

Sr.Barbara and BBQ Time for prayer

After our beautiful lunch and dessert we all spent time in conversation…and in song! We all loved hearing the Sisters share music from Poland, Belarus and the Philippines, and one of my sisters and I sang some of our own too. We also had a good time decorating ourselves with Australian flag tattoos, mostly in unusual places!


My family was absolutely blown away by the kindness, openness, warmth and good humour which the Sisters always show. I know that they truly appreciated the opportunity to celebrate at the convent. For me, it was such a joy to be able to spend the day with so many people dear to me. This year’s Australia Day will definitely not be one I will ever forget.

Sophie Boffa

Sophie's Family and Sr.Margaret Sophie's Family and Sr.Margaret

Community Retreat at Hartzer Park

It was a very busy Thursday morning for a 3 October 2013.  Sisters finished packing and taking care of final tasks before leaving for the Conference Centre and Retreat House run by the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Hartzer Park. The Conference Centre is located in the southern highlands of New South Wales.  The group would be together for the whole weekend until Sunday 6 October!

 Most of the participants from convents in New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland arrived around 4:30 pm.  They found their assigned bedrooms, unpacked, and then explored building to find the rooms we would gather:  conference room, dining room and prayer rooms.   After vespers and the evening meal, Father Tim Norton svd, our retreat facilitator, and Sister Grażyna Rocławska welcomed the group and introduced the theme of the Retreat.  That evening the sisters spent time in community recreation. The twenty of us were really glad for the opportunity to be altogether.    When that ended, the retreat silence began and after a very busy day, we scattered to our rooms for a good night’s rest.

On Friday morning the Retreat began in earnest and was our day of silence.   Father Tim Norton svd presented two sessions of talks to the sisters.  The first was to help us understand how the early church understood Mission.  The second session extended the concepts of Mission to religious life.  After lunch, Father Tim made himself available for celebrations of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Since the afternoons were free, some sisters engaged in taking walks to explore the grounds, take photos of the flora, rest or spend time in private prayer in one of the prayer rooms or the chapel. Vespers was said in common and then we enjoyed the evening meal and shared the insights of the day with each other during that time.  After tea, the group met to discuss Provincial matters.  This provided time for lively discussion.   We dispersed around 9:00 pm. 


Saturday was our day of discussion and interaction.  After breakfast and individual morning prayers, Father Tim Norton celebrated the Eucharist.  During the Mass we renewed our Vows. Hearing each sister pronounce her name and mystery as she renewed her self-offering to God at the appropriate time in the formulary was extremely impressive.    

The rest of the morning was spent listening to and sharing with Father Tim Norton and each other.  After lunch, until the closing session, sisters could rest, pray or celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation with Father Tim.  After the closing session, the group gathered in the prayer room for Vespers with Benediction. Sisters Christine Ramada and Rita Apura led the group in singing the hymns.   That evening Sister Grażyna shared her impressions and important information about the International Planning Meeting. A lot of discussion ensued around the interesting topics presented.   

Sunday, October 6, 2013 was a bright and sunny day.  Sunday Mass was celebrated with the local parish community in the main chapel. Then the sisters moved to the Conference Room to pray our morning office together.  After morning tea, Sister Rosanne Maree Sinclair spoke to the group about Faith in Mother Foundress’ writings.  The final commissioning ritual followed.   The sisters offered well wishes and blessings to each other.  Lunch concluded the retreat.  Sisters packed their belongings and returned home.


 The sisters made some interesting comments in their evaluations. 

.  Father was terrific!  He is EXCELLENT in Confession”.

“ Just what we needed to hear at this time.”

“ I learned a lot from Fr’s talks and his presentation was excellent.”

“ I enjoyed the long afternoons free.”

“ I think the time table did not provide enough time for community prayers:  Adoration in the chapel, benediction and recitation of the rosary in common.” 

 The one thing EVERYONE agreed on was an expression of “gratitude for the opportunity to be together.”



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